Summer is not over yet, and there’s still plenty of time to take a road trip with some of your gals.

Road trips are fun for the destinations, but they’re also fun for the leisure time spent in the hotel. A great book can make the trip more fun and Business Insider has a best-selling book featuring an Asperger analyst that’s guaranteed fun for anyone who likes romance, road trips and mathematical formulas.

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Susan Boyle wants to adopt!

The British native who launched a worldwide career after an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent says she’s got plenty of room in her home and heart.

“When things quiet down, I’d like to be fostering,” she said on a recent episode of “The Dan Wootton Interview” podcast. “I’m 58, so… I’ve got something to bring my family home to. I’ve (got) a lovely house, why not share it?”

“I’ve got a couple who think the world of me,” she said. “I love kids. I never had any of my own; that’s my biggest regret, but I love kids. They’re good fun to be with.”

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Would you take dating advice from your aunt?

Given the complex nature of familial relations, many people would go to such personal issues to a different level of kin versus one of their parents. (Look it up, it’s a complex theory in evolutionary biology and kin much like how squirrels take risks for the cousins and nephews…or something like that.)

Perspicaciously, two women in the UK have capitalized on this tidbit and offer an online series about dating from a feminist perspective.

They just happen to have aired an episode pertaining to Asperger’s.

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It all sounds so fun and educational.

A nice afternoon with the family with several guys here to entertain, make funny jokes and give a great lecture on autism.

Not so, says Asperger’s Are Us, a comedic troupe with their own HBO and Netflix series. With skits that highlight a politician’s sex scandal, don’t expect a family friendly environment with that PBS feeling.

Does this make some offended? Or add more to the humor?

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There are a lot of names to call autism these days, especially in the United States. With the changes to the diagnostics manuals used in the U.S. in 2013, some may be tempted to say that Asperger’s no longer exists.

This omission may not only be unpopular among those who prefer the title, it may also be detrimental.

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An interesting article was found on the impact of workload, stress and how we manage our emotions in the face of an ever increasingly fast world.

Elise Ronan at The Times of Israel spurt out a few lines about this in a post that addressed her recent pile of “things” on her desk and how she chose to deal with others’ responses to her sometimes lack of response.

Her simple statement: She counters them with kindness.

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“Solo sports give the Aspie confidence, allowing her to practice and improve on her own schedule, essentially being her only competitor, whose last record must be broken”

–from Stuff Aspergers Like

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Walk the Plank. The Shrinking Steps. A warped and mega wall.

Sounds like an obstacle course from a video game or a funhouse for children. Anyone who’s ever watched NBC’s American Ninja Warrior knows that while these look fun to watch, they can be brutal on those who are competing.

This season’s show has a standout for several reasons.

He’s a 19-year-old engineering student with autism that can be described as “inspirational.”

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