Someone once said that Aspergers are really their own culture. A culture of computer and other techies, engineers, scientists, and professors. They are brilliant individuals who make incredible contributions to society, but whose social interactions and behaviors occasionally cause a few problems among those who aren’t Aspergers, otherwise known as Neurotypicals.

They are the uncles who have over 500 model cars and are still collecting to fulfill their “special interest.” The aunts who maintain their daily routines without fail and pity the person who tries to disrupt the routine. The adolescents or children who talk excessively about things they are interested in even when you’ve fallen sound asleep.

Stuff Asperger People Like is meant to discuss all the Aspie (what Aspergers in the culture often call themselves) traits one by one with a little humor and satire.

While this probably won’t be as controversial as some of the other Stuff People Like Websites, it may cause a little stir as some are quite sensitive to the issue. If so, I apologize head of time.

I truly believe that most things are laughable, include Aspie traits. If anything, perhaps this will shed some light on the culture in an informal, non-stuffy academic way which most people turn their heads away from. Who know? After reading a few posts, you might find yourself asking, “Am I an Asperger?” “Is _____ an Aspie?” If so, congratulations. Being or knowing an Aspie is a truly a (usually-ha, ha) rewarding experience.

And yes, like the book title says, all cats do indeed have Asperger’s!

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