#8 Eating The Same Foods Everyday

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Simple Food

The Asperger child was easy to recognize in the school cafeteria as she always brought the same meal for lunch everyday. While other children may have had their parents to blame for this matter (“You eat what we serve you,” “That is too expensive,”) and often protested, the Aspie child actually enjoyed this. And when it came time to barter your Lunchable for someone else’s PB&J, the Aspie never took part in this marketplace. However, no one was ever really interested in exchanging because the meal the Asperger child bought was probably bland and/or weird anyway.

These Aspies grew into adults who retained their restrictive food preferences, usually due to their extreme disgust of many foods, such as tomatoes, or inability to tolerate the texture (that damn sensory sensitivity strikes again!) of many foods, or just the plain love of certain types of foods. Tom still brings pasta with marinara sauce daily for lunch, has not strayed in 10 years, and would probably have to go on leave of absence should there be a reason he couldn’t make it daily.

This restrictive food fetish comes with its perks. Obviously there is less planning involved in the process. When she finally arrives at the cash register after standing in line at Howie’s Bagels for 10 minutes, the Aspie often finds her Everything Bagel already made to her liking and wrapped, ready to ring up provided the workers have spotted her in the back of the line. When entering restaurants frequented, the Asperger is given special dignitaries and greeted with names such as, “Greek Vegetables?” vs. plain Mr. or Mrs. Eisenhower.

The Aspie will find certain items at the store, frozen or shelf, and often empty the shelves with dozens soon after they are stocked, leaving others to wonder why their favorite item is never there even though they’ve requested the manager bring them in week after week. Their questions are answered after a careful stakeout reveals a man rolling a cart away with 30 Momma Mia Spinach Lasagnas just moments after they are put in the freezer.

“We switched distributors and they no longer carry the product,” is one of the worse phrases the Aspie can hear from the grocer when referring to his favorite foods but all is not lost as at least there is opportunity to go to another store who understands the importance of keeping the right distributors that carry his products.

However, the greatest blow, the final dagger that may leave the Aspie picking up the pieces for days, weeks, even months:

“I’m sorry, Sir. The company discontinued the product.”

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  1. StuffBigLawAssociatesLike.wordpress.com Says:

    wow, I did not know there was a blog about this……

  2. jeff Says:

    holy f*ck. I eat PB&J every day. Since like High school. And I’m wicked smart. Aspies rule.

  3. Stuff Asperger People Like » Blog Archive » Eating Routines And Food Presentation Preferences Says:

    […] with Eating The Same Foods Everyday, Aspergers like to stick to eating routines and reliable ways of have their food presented on the […]

  4. phil Says:

    This is me. I never knew others were like this.

  5. LauraAngilee Says:

    I actually cried in the drive-thru at kfc when they discontinued the grilled
    chicken a few years ago. When they reintroduced it, I cried again, this time
    tears of joy.

  6. Andrew Says:

    Actually we do not eat the same food every day. Each day it is different food, it may be the same type of food, but it is not the same food that we have already eaten.

  7. craig Says:

    I can’t stand shredded things on my tongue. If shredded carrots are in a salad I am served, i can’t eat it. The texture and feeling is so horrible.

  8. Annette Says:

    I can eat cucumbers sliced thick, but not sliced thin.
    I do have a variety of foods I like, but for breakfast it has to be some kind of hot cereal!

  9. Lasey Says:

    I do not eat the same thing every day. Kraft makes many different varieties of macaroni and cheese. 😉

  10. Dysthymia83 Says:

    This fits me to a T. My restrictive eating habits are a reason I am underweight (with no desire to be so). It also is difficult in social situations since everyone knows if they can actually get me to go out with them they will have to pick a place that serves french fries so i can eat with them.

  11. Albert Cousins Says:

    This explains on how I eat either chicken ramen w/ an egg, beef ramen, or a PB & jelly/banana as my lunch despite having so many other foods available and ordering the same spicy beef w/ noodles soup at my Chinese restaurant. There are also the toasted garlic bagels @ Dunkin’ Doughnuts or “Bomb” burritos when I do work or my QT runs for the SAME drink only from the fountain. All this is swapped out on a fairly rigid schedule too… Damn. My aspbergers is really showing as well as for the earplugs, the being an engineer, and #31 on the list for home. (the sensitivities also cover my fuzzy lined clothes and work on an isolation/ar helmet.

  12. Fish Jones Says:

    Oh. Is THAT what my problem is…

    I hate food. It is the most pointless frustrating, guilt laden pos on the planet.

    It’s messy to make, it’s messy to clean up, it’s messy to eat, it’s messy to shop for, it’s messy to keep in the house, and it goes bad too fast!

    I’ve had multiple times in my life where I’ll pick ONE THING and STICK TO IT.

    For about six months, it was a specific brand of chocolate bar because I could walk in, grab it, walk out, could stuff the empty wrapper in my pocket without it gooping my pockets up, and then I wouldn’t have to worry about eating for awhile. I also couldn’t over eat because there was a pace. Only eat one chocolate bar per hunger moment. No other math involved. No emotional eating. No shame-on-you-you-ate-too-much.

    I’ve also done that with ramen and trail mix.

    I’ve been overweight my entire life until finding out I’m gluten intolerant. That’s let me lose a lot of weight.

    I love being ‘gluten intolerant’. It takes all the guilt out of picking the wrong food out of picking foods. “Here’s a giant menu with eighty zillion things on it for eighty zillion prices. Do you pick the cheapest one, the one with the most meat, the one that you picked last time, something you haven’t eaten, or what? What do you pick?!”

    Hey, I’m gluten intolerant. SWEET! Of the 3 foods at this restaurant I can eat, which one is cheapest? Okay, go with that one. Problem solved!

    I also hate hate hate hate hate the texture of soap, and the smell, and often the look, and everybody’s always been like ‘you’re a horrible person!!’ I wash in the shower with shampoo because shampoo doesn’t look or smell the same, (and it’s a specific brand of that, too….) and vinegar because it doesn’t look or smell the same.

    That makes washing dishes impossible. I. Will not. Wash. Dishes. Ever. Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.

    Which makes cooking at home really hard.

    People are like ‘why do you eat out of a can?” It’s faster, easier, portioned already, and doesn’t require washing? Duh. Why do you take the time to dump it into a bowl, dirty the bowl, heat it in the microwave, sit down, and eat it? Don’t you have a life?!

    When I can pick a point to it, such as “oh hey, for formal occasion X, the point of the event is to make the food look pretty” then I’m fine. I can actually cook… I just tell people I can’t so they leave me alone. Frankly, there are too many food options!!!

    And I’m always worrying about what’s ‘right’ to eat. I love having a gluten intolerance. It makes life SO MUCH EASIER!!

    I make people shop for me because I can’t shop. I Do. Not. Know. What. To. Get. Shopping is hell.

    I also noticed on the clothes… Yeah, I do that. I’ve tried not to, and I’m at the point where if I had the money, I could go get ‘decent’ clothes, but I want clothes with pockets that are functional.

    Women’s clothes SUCK when it comes to functionality. > <

    This makes so much sense.

  13. Alicia Says:

    I remember when my friends used to laugh at me for having the same exact grocery list every time I grocery shop. But now I understand….

  14. Maeri-Jo Says:

    “These Aspies grew into adults who retained their restrictive food preferences, usually due to their extreme disgust of many foods, such as tomatoes, or inability to tolerate the texture (that damn sensory sensitivity strikes again!) of many foods, or just the plain love of certain types of foods”

    This is completely me, I won’t eat Mushrooms or Sardines because they are slimy except for cream of mushroom soup provided any actual mushrooms have been removed. The only way I’ll eat pumpkin is again in pumpkin soup. I don’t like Marmite or Vegemite and I’ll only have Promite on crumpets. The best food for someone to get for me is a Pasta with some sort of tomatoes in the sauce (I like tomatoes, but I don’t like Sun-Dried tomatoes) and for a dessert, I’ll happily have ice-cream, but I prefer a tin of peaches in the juice topped with peach yoghurt and the yoghurt must have little bits of peach in it.

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