#4 Special Interests

Written by SAPL on July 14th, 2008 in Hobbies and Special Interests.


If you happen to be in the company of the Asperger and he or she has not told you about their “special interest,” it won’t be long before you find out and once you do, they will never shut-up about it.

Special interest, otherwise known as the “big interest,” can be explained by experts as Aspies having an “encyclopedic knowledge,” of certain information. Special interest range from computers to history to sports facts to porn (see, some Aspies really aren’t that different from neurotypicals) to horses to you name it. The special interest probably developed at a very young ageĀ and the Aspie has devoted lots of time reading, researching, collecting, or doing whatever it takes to learn more about the topic. He or she has also taken turns driving various individuals nuts talking about the special interest-from family to teachers to friends and even total strangers who don’t have the audacity to walk away.

It’s important that the Aspie create an environment where the special interest can be pursued. This includes making a strong presence during family vacation decision meetings where he or she can ensure the family is visiting a city which includes museums, shops, and other places where the special interest can be fostered.

The urge to chase the special interest can pop up anywhere. For example, if a husband and wife are sitting at the dinner table at (insert special or important person’s home-boss, in-laws, etc.) the following conversation might take place:

Aspie Spouse: Hey,___, can I use your computer for a minute?
Host: Sure, it’s right over in the other room. Forgot to send some emails to the co-workers before you left work?
Aspie Spouse: (looking at watch) No, I’ve only got 15 minutes left to bid on a rare CD on eBay! (the rare CD being of part of his music collection of 100s).

Note: Although this might incite a dirty and embarrassed look from the neurotypical spouse, the pursuit of the special interest will not be hindered provided the host has paid the DSL bill and the cat hasn’t broken the computer.

Big life decisions must be planned around the special interest. When choosing a home, the Aspie is faced with tough choices. Pay more for the home with the 2-car garage so that 1 garage can be used for the special interest? Although they have 2 children, a 4 bedroom home is necessary for extra storage for the special interest collection. If they are “accidentally blessed” with another child…well…children should learn to share now shouldn’t they?

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    […] love facts and trivia and many times this makes up the special interestĀ the Aspie has spent countless hours learning about. Like the special interest, the facts the Aspie […]

  2. Margaret Franklin Says:

    Carousels!! I’ve been fascinated by them pretty much all my life and I’ve been a member of the National Carousel Associaton and subscriber to “Carousel News & Trader” for a number of years now. I’ve been to several of the NCA’s annual conventions where they take bus tours to visit and ride carousels in a variety of regions andI know just about everything to know about the carvers, manufacturers, history, etc.

  3. Violet Black Says:

    I figure eventually I’ll turn mine into a career and be able to justify all the time expended…

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