It is known that many Aspergers, especially in the U.S.,  marry people from foreign countries. This may be due to several reasons. Many countries do not have the same social rules and thus these rules do not get in the way and the social “awkwardness” does not occur when dating someone from another country.  People from countries other than America will often attribute an Asperger’s social differences to cultural or simply don’t care. Whatever the reason, it is important that the Aspie recognize this early on and, like every other social mountain they might have to climb, learn to how to successfully work around this difference.

Dating and marrying a foreign person can be an exhilarating and satisfying experience, but like any relationship, it must be taken with caution. For example, some Asperger men or maybe even women place personal ads inviting foreigners to come to the U.S. for love, marriage, and hopes of a family. However, not all of these individuals are looking for love and some socially naive Aspies learn the hard way that they were taken for a green card ride.

Once an Aspie male or female learns of the advantages of intercultural love, he or she should jump right on it and waste no time in finding love. No stone should be left unturned, no opportunity missed. Take as many foreign language classes as possible in high school or even college. Join culture clubs, both for learning about the world around you and checking out the European hottie down the street from you.

While still living at home with the parents, encourage them to host a foreign exchange student, preferably multiple, and all of the particular gender you are interested in. You might even try to convince these exchange students it is “custom” for the exchange student to marry the son/daughter of the host 5-10 years down the line, much like arranged marriages in other countries. Say it was written in the exchange contract and approved by the school. Heck, say it’s the law-do you really think 16 year olds have bothered memorizing every one before they came over here?

7 Responses to “#3 Marriages To People From Other Countries”

  1. AC Says:

    My boyfriend is Somali and I’ve dated most guys from African nations throughout high school and college. I just haven’t had much success dating guys from within the U.S.

    We’ve been dating almost 5 years and I may almost marry him.

    I never realized why I dated mostly African guys until after reading this article.

    Now it all makes sense. Wow.

  2. LauraAngilee Says:

    I have dated all the united colors of benneton and finally settled on a Puerto Rican.

  3. Walter Says:

    Man, my Dad was an aspie too, and he married a forgeign lady. My xenophilia is becomeing clearer too =p

  4. Fish Jones Says:

    That explains my love of Koreans… Oops.

  5. Mrs. Yougotme Says:

    Good lord. I am married to a Japanese and have only dated 1.. ONE guy from my native country. It all makes sense

  6. Mrs. Yougotme Says:

    With different cultures you just CAN’T take “normal” social cues for granted. Both of us know that when he cocks his head to the side, it may have a very strong and deep meaning for other Japanese people, but it is lost on me… because Im not Japanese!!! What a neat way to avoid the “She doesn’t get it because she is a weirdo”
    Instead, it’s “She doesn’t get it because she is not Japanese”
    So much better!

  7. Rose Says:

    This explains why for me, attraction to guys of my own race is nonexistent. I much prefer Asian guys, since I’m attracted to their culture as well as looks, much more than I like mine.

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