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#31 Nakedness

Written by SAPL on Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 in Clothing.


Donna S. Rutherford on Flickr

Clothing can be such a pain in ass for Asperger People. Too tight, not tight enough, feels scratchy, the list goes on for material and fabrics that rub their sensory sensitivities the wrong way.

Because of this, some Aspies prefer to just be plain naked.

Usually this is confined to a private area, such as one’s own home or apartment, but there are exceptions.

As children, they might have been little “streaker tykes,” taking off clothing that was unbearable in any environment, including public places. Some Aspergers might still take their clothes off in public, depending on their level of fitness and audacity and the amount of money offered that has enticed them to do so.

Nakedness is natural and fine, but Aspies must beware. Google is watching.

Google Maps is a lovely application that allows you to stalk, or uh, view a detailed map of many areas, all the way down to the color of the mailbox in front a person’s home. Because of this, being naked in the backyard, even with a privacy fence, comes with the risk of you exhibiting yourself on Google maps.

What’s more, one woman reported that Google maps was able to peer all the way into her living room and spy on her cat. Scandalous! And that cat wasn’t even naked.

This could only mean one of two things: 1. Google likes to look at naked people. 2. Google likes to look at naked Asperger people, knowing Aspies like to get naked.

It is probably a combination of both.

So be free, be naked, but don’t forget to close the opaque curtains.

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