#21 Eating Routines And Food Presentation Preferences

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It’s been said that there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s. Once the Asperger finds his or her preference for eating the peanut butter chocolate goody, he or she will never eat it differently again. For those of you working in office settings, if you have an Aspie in the office and you know a Reese’s is her favorite treat-offer to buy it 2-3 times for her and watch her as she eats it. She might break the top off and lick the peanut butter, eat the outermost ridges, or take a stab in the middle and leave the ring for the end. Watch carefully and after the 2nd or 3rd time, you’ll find yourself cracking up. Or getting really, really, really weirded out.

Along with Eating The Same Foods Everyday, Aspergers like to stick to eating routines and reliable ways of have their food presented on the plate. That whole, “the kid likes it sliced in triangles and not rectangles,” sandwich thing is no joke for the Aspie. They may even eat in a particular order-green vegetables first, eat clockwise or counterclockwise, no mixing of side dishes, the ridiculous list goes on and on.

This may make for a challenging experience at restaurants when someone who is not as in tuned to the weirdo, or uh, particular eating preferences. If the Aspie is used to his favorite dish with finely chopped cucumbers and it is brought out in big chunks the chef has committed a sin worthy of 2,000 Hail Marys. An innocent waiter may even try to convince the Asperger the dish isn’t suppose to be different than what he received, but the Aspie is no fool! He knows the waiter is trying to pull one over on him in an attempt to get him to shut his mouth and tip well. And so the Aspie becomes even more determined to pursue the case.

“More cornstarch?”

“We don’t use cornstarch. We use potato flour.”

“Different brand of rice?”

“We’ve been using the same rice for the past decade?”

“Different area of the farm the cabbage was picked from?”

“How the #$@! would I know?”

Much ado will take place that involves supervisors, managers, and Prime Ministers if they can take a phone call. Dozens of trips to the kitchen and several conversations with the manager will result in the Aspie finally getting the meal presented in the way he likes–or the meal being dumped on his head, depending on if the waiter was able to sneak in a smoke break.

5 Responses to “#21 Eating Routines And Food Presentation Preferences”

  1. jana Says:

    “Much ado will take place that involves supervisors, managers, and Prime Ministers if they can take a phone call. Dozens of trips to the kitchen and several conversations with the manager..”

    LOL! My best friend does this! And she’s not mad but the waiter becmes breathless, the manager comes out bewildered, and I can’t quit giggling.

  2. jana Says:

    Oh, and it always starts out simple. And you think “This time it’s going to be simple”.

  3. Hyperlexian Aspie Says:

    yep i can totally relate to this! i DO have a special way of eating the peanut butter cups…

    but it’s o henry that gets me in trouble; i eat the fudgy inside core LAST. so i have to eat all of the outside parts first. it’s messy, but dammit, it’s the RIGHT way for me!

    don’t even mention coffee crisp bars.

  4. MDP Says:

    Wow…I have a method for pretty much everything I eat. Also, I always leave a tiny piece of whatever I was eating behind, whether its the crispy tip of a french fry or the last carrot in a bowl of soup, I just can’t help but leave somthing! In regards to Resee’s (that word never looks like its spelled correctly for some reason), I carefully eat the side ridges leaving the center chocolate top and bottom with the peanut butter in between. I proceed to peel the bottom off of the peanut butter, then eat the resulting chocolate topped patty upside down. Lol, I love self-analysis.

  5. MikeyG Says:

    you are sounding more and more like a stupid fuck who hates anyone different, whoever wrote this, now theres something against eating the same foods, so what if i want pizza every week, so what if i want sandwiches for lunch sorry we dont all have time to prepare 1000 different meals a week….. AND theres a problem with eating the food the same way? holy fucking shit look out its the food police!!! you must bite into a sandwich differently than you ate it last time!! lol

    you are the retarded nut with a mystery disorder whoever wrote this

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